Most Brits have no interest in the new Royal baby

By Ben

I assume that many Swiss people assume that most British people have been keenly awaiting the birth of the Duchess of Cambridge’s first baby and future heir to the throne.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst there certainly are a good number of Royal fanatics in Britain (the sort of people who think being decked out from head to toe in Union Jacks and camping out on a pavement for three days for the vague chance of possibly glimpsing a Royal member at some Royal event is a good idea) most Brits are far more concerned at when the recession will end and whether they will keep their job and be able to pay this months’ bills rather than something to do with the monarchy.

Most Brits think other Brits with anything more than just a fleeting interest in the Royal family are slightly eccentric and should get a life.

However, most Brits understand the value of the Royal Family. It does much to help our country stand out in the world and brings in far more revenue for the country through tourism than the amount it costs. Indeed, if the Monarchy was abolished tomorrow, each British taxpayer would only receive enough money to buy a cheap packet of biscuits.

Many Brits are surprised at the amount of interest their Royal Family receives from people of other nations. When Princess Diana died I was on a Portguese beach with tourists from numerous European nations. It was certainly sad and shocking news but I was surprised to see all these Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian people openly weeping. I couldn’t help thinking ‘haven’t you got your own celebrities and prominent people to focus upon?’

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