Some Brits are wine barbarians, but others respect wine as much as the Swiss

What’s the problem with mixing your wines?

I can’t see the problem with mixing several wines during an evening, Sonja. Reason one: if you go to a posh restaurant you’ll often be offered a different wine for each course. Reason two: isn’t wine that magical elixir that helps you relax and have a good time, and whether it is drunk from the finest cut glass or a big plastic bucket, whether it is white or red, Italian or Australian,  doesn’t really matter, just as long as you’re having a good time?

Wine bottles on my wooden table

Perhaps Swiss people tend to be more discerning because many tend to choose their wines more carefully. In recession-hit Britain, where consumers are particularly price-conscious, many tend to always buy the cheapest wines, and with wines of this quality maybe mixing them isn’t such a crime, as you are not going to lose any subtleties present in wines of a better quality.

However, that’s a generalisation, as there are a sizeable number of Brits who really know their wines and how to serve and drink them. I just don’t seem to have met that many…

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