We have Migros! What do you have?

Hunger for learning is easier to sate in Switzerland than in Britain. Is it because the Brits are already geniuses?

By Sonja

Do you know Migros? It’s the biggest retailer in Switzerland. Founded in 1925 by Gottlieb Duttweiler with the target to supply food and everyday articles for cheap – means affordable – prices. Every Swiss person loves Migros because it’s probably one of our most democratic and fair institutions in our country. Migros has been always on the side of the working society.

I buy my pasta at Migros. My chocolate, my napkins, my butter and my milk. And I go to Migros if I want to learn to paint. Or if I want to become a programmer. Or if I have forgotten how to crochet. Migros supplies me not only with food, Migros feeds me also with knowledge. For it was Gottlieb Duttweiler’s idea to also provide further education for the people. Like the food for a low price.

If I want to have it a bit posher I choose the Volkshochschule Zurich. We have a net of Volkshochschulen which are more academic, but not less fun.

I find it very hard to find further education in London. Britain seems not to be well organized with further education, but maybe I’m wrong. Then help me. I’m looking for daily courses in south east London. The topic: to photograph, learn more about social media and web design.

Migros Aktionen

Ben replies:

I was surprised when Sonja said the local supermarket also provided educational courses. British supermarkets concentrate on selling food and drink. It is very commendable, though. I always assumed that Britain had a wide range of further education courses, but it seems the choice is low compared to the 1000+ that Migros offers alone.

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