Switzerland’s deformed vegetables look like the willy of one of Snow White’s dwarfs

By Ben

I dropped into the Milchbuck Co-Op in Zurich the other day for some salad. Now, salad in Zurich can quite easily be found for about 28 francs a kilo (£19.00), so I left with about twelve strips of lettuce and a couple of baby tomatoes, as I only had about 15 francs on me.

While I was there I noticed a box of carrots on sale, of wildly differing shapes and sizes, sold next to a box of completely straight, uniform ones. There was one carrot that looked like the willy of  one of Snow White’s dwarfs and one that looked like a Barbie doll’s legs (see picture). That’s a great thing to see – irregular vegetables, not a fairy tale dwarf’s knob – as it is ridiculous the millions of tonnes of vegetables and fruit that farmers throw away because the supermarkets are afraid no-one will buy them.

irregular carrots Coop MilchbuckAn increasingly number of Brits say British supermarkets should stock less than perfect-looking vegetables and fruit, but I can hardly ever remember seeing any for sale. Hopefully this newish  Co-Op initiative will catch on more and more, and perhaps spread to British supermarkets too.

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