I just can’t believe how trusting the Swiss are

The Swiss seem to act like there are no thieves about

By Ben

I’ve been extremely surprised before at how relaxed the Swiss are over their possessions. I’ve often seen unlocked bikes propped against a wall in cities, and passengers leave high value items like laptops on train seats while they amble to the restaurant car.

Dollars receiving from Migros bankI was surprised again when Sonja was opening the post the other day and one of the envelopes contained $100 from her bank. She’d ordered some dollars for a forthcoming trip and they’d arrived in a plain envelope by normal post, with no signature required.

She said that they’ve sent her up to $3500 in the post this way in the past. $3500 with no security safeguards? Doesn’t the bank  worry about the possibility of a dodgy postman, or someone intercepting the mail, or the recipient claiming that they have never received the money?

Sounds incredibly relaxed to me. In Britain, all but the smallest sums of money would be protected by safeguards when sent by post.

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2 Responses to “I just can’t believe how trusting the Swiss are”

  1. Tom

    Well, it wasn’t send by “normal post”, but with the so called “A-Post Plus”. It includes Track&Trace and offers liability up to CHF100. For the small amount of US$ 100 this might be suitable. At least in Switzerland 😉

    • Sonja

      I see the point of your comment, but I still think it is crazy no-one signs for it. This would never happen in Britain!!!


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