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You are living in the city of Zurich and you want to have more information about it? This is the official website of the city of Zurich.

Do you want to do sightseeing in Zurich?


Do you want to find out more about living in Switzerland? Anything from something about recycling to all about tanning salons?

Latest news about Swiss life?


You don’t know how the ticket system works for the trams in Zurich? This is the link to the English page of VBZ is your solution.

Are you a visitor and want to travel through Switzerland? Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss national transport system offers you special tickets for trains, buses and boats.

Do you want to buy a train ticket for the national train system or need some timetable information?

Do you want discover Switzerland? On the fantastic website of the Swiss Tourism Board you will find proposals for hiking trips, cultural events, nice typical Swiss hotels and much more.


Looking for other English-speaking people? On this website you will find numerous International Clubs which are located in Zurich and where the common language is English.

Here you can find news and information about the international community worldwide.

Are you looking for other Swiss people who are living abroad?


Do you struggle with the cultural codes and rituals in Switzerland? Or do you have cultural differences with you partner? Martina Famos is a German- and English-speaking therapist who maybe can help you:

Martina Famos
Gemeinschaftspraxis Kronenstrasse 48
8006 Zurich
+41 79 235 47 40


Do you want to learn Swiss German? The Migros Clubschule offers a wide variety of courses for every area of life. has some fantastic free online German and Swiss German language courses at all levels and of different durations.


Do you want to know more about the meaning of some Swiss German words? This is a good book (in German): Dialektisch, by Bruno Kalberer (Dörlemann Verlag, Fr. 19.90)

Read and laugh: this book in English entertains you with quirky and interesting facts & figures about Switzerland: Swisscellany – facts and figures about Switzerland, by Diccon Bewes (Bergli Books,Fr. 21.90)

Here’s another of his books: Swiss Watching: Inside the land of milk and money, by Diccon Bewes (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, Fr. 25.90)

It’s also available in German: Der Schweizversteher: Ein Engländer unter Eidgenossen, by Diccon Bewes (Malik Verlag, Fr. 24.90 )




The official UK tourism website is, and has loads of information on things to do, destinations, accommodation, transport, travel tips and more.

Likewise, this website does the same for the capital.

Greenwich, in the southeast of London, is a great place away from the centre to discover, and has lots of information on this fascinating London neighbourhood.


Transport for London’s website is packed with information about travelling in London by public transport, including live travel news, maps, a journey planner, train, bus, tram, riverboat and cable car timetables, walking routes, cycle hire and the Oyster travel card.

If you want to sort out train trips throughout the UK go to or You can get timetables and fares instantly.

For UK coach travel, often significantly cheaper than going by train, visit National Express’s website. It offers train and bus travel too.

Megabus offers coach travel from just £1/€1.50) to numerous UK cities, as well as a low-cost train service.


The City Swiss Club is a London-based club for Swiss expats to meet, socialise, interact and network on an informal basis.

Go to to find Swiss people living in England.

The Swiss Expats Meetup organises opportunities for Swiss people to meet and explore what London has to offer.


If you want to read more about the English and what makes them tick, try the enlightening The English: A Portrait of a People by Jeremy Paxman (Penguin).

Another illuminating option is Watching the English: the Hidden Rules of English Behaviour by Kate Fox (Hodder and Stoughton).

A new addition to the collection of books about the English is Matt Rudd’s The English: A Field Guide (HarperPress), an account of a trip around England.

Though out of print now, but still easily available at online bookshops, is an excellent, elegantly written book by my uncle Richard West, An Englishman’s Journey (Chatto and Windus), an account of various visitations around the country.

For some reason there’s quite a lot more written about the English than the rest of the United Kingdom (Wales, Scotland and Northern Island) but one popular option is The How to be British Collection (Lee Gone Publications), a series of cartoons explaining the British way of thinking, by Martyn Ford. Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson (Black Swan) gives a view of the UK from an American’s viewpoint.

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